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To qualify for the scholarship, your minimum level of sporting achievement must be at the national level.

Section 1: Personal Details

Please enter in upper case, as appears in NRIC / Birth Certificate. Do not shorten any name if it is not reflected in your NRIC / Birth Certificate.
Only Singapore citizens are eligible to apply for the Scholarship.
Please check this entry, as the printable application form will be emailed to this address.
Please check this entry, as the printable application form will be emailed to this address.

Section 2: Particulars of Family Members

Name Relationship Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) NRIC / Birth Certificate No. Occupation Highest Qualification Gross Monthly Salary Supporting Document  
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For family members who are deceased, please state under "Occupation". Do not include family members, including parents, who do not live in the same household.

Section 3: Educational Records

State your school for the current and past year. Indicate "pending posting" if you are waiting for your current school posting.

Section 4: Sport Specialisation

(If applicable)

Section 5: Community Work

Section 6: Major Sporting Achievements

Please list your performances in all major competitive events attended from 1 January to 31 December of previous year. Please order the performances at tournaments, beginning with international, national and inter-school/zonal level (Primary category only).
Category Discipline Recognised by NSA*? Date (dd/mm/2016) Location Event Division Position, if any Results (time, points, score) Column 10 Column 11  
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* NSA = National sports association.
For Location, enter the venue if in Singapore (e.g. Singapore Sports School), and the country if overseas.

Section 7: Injuries and Illnesses

Did you suffer or are you suffering from any major injury or illness that prevented/prevents you from training or competing? If so, please provide details.
Nature of illness/injury Treatment received Period of time-off from full-time training/competition Current satus of injury/illness  
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Section 8: Other Scholarships / Bursaries / Awards

Did you receive any other scholarships / bursaries / awards in 2017? Please provide details.
Name of Scholarship / Bursary / Award Other Scholarship / Bursary / Award (if selected) Year Awarded (latest) Amount Awarded (S$) Per Year Still In Force?  
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Section 9: Personal Statements

To fill in your personal statement, please complete the above sections.

Important Notes

Please ensure that you seek the endorsement of your school or National Sports Association (for High-Performance U18 Category) for your application. For example, if you are a footballer, you are to have your application endorsed by your school or the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and not the club you play in.

Before clicking the submit button, check the information above carefully, especially your, and your parent's, email address, as the form will be sent there.